Abi was a Dash 4 Cash: Special Edition contestant as a member of The Designers with Ed. She later returned as a cast member and the winner of Total Drama: Big Brother - S1.


Dash 4 Cash: Special Edition

Total Drama: Big Brother - S1

  • 1x01 - Rolling Right Into It
  • 1x02 - Drinks on Me
  • 1x03 - Water Wars
  • 1x04 - Key to the Game
  • 1x05 - Quote of the Century
  • 1x06 - Refuse to Defuse
  • 1x07 - Personal Preference
  • 1x08 - Shoot for the Stars
  • 1x09 - A Bot's Best Friend
  • 1x10 - Face Value
  • 1x11 - OTEV the Tree



Eliminated from Dash 4 Cash: Special Edition
Previous Episode Next
Chet and Lorenzo Yu, Mi, And A Cup Of Tea Carrie and Devin
Eliminated from Total Drama: Big Brother - S1
Previous Episode Next
Adam Final Three vs The Jury N/A

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