The third and final season of this spinoff series is "Special Edition". It's "special" since it introduces pairs instead of just individuals. Two previous contestants are brought back, plus twenty-two brand new contestants (some of whom you may have seen before). When a pair shows up last to the Safe Zone, they have to walk all the way back home. Each pair that is safe moves on to the next leg of the race. This season is produced by Don.


Character(s) Role Episodes
Don Host 12/12 episodes
Leslie/Sharon Pair 12/12 episodes
Brody/Geoff Pair 12/12 episodes
Ryan/Stephanie Pair 12/12 episodes
MacArthur/Sanders Pair 12/12 episodes
Jacques/Josee Pair 11/12 episodes
Jen/Tom Pair 10/12 episodes
Crimson/Ennui Pair 9/12 episodes
Donna/Sierra Pair 7/12 episodes
Carrie/Devin Pair 6/12 episodes
Doug/Esteban Pair 6/12 episodes
Abi/Ed Pair 6/12 episodes
Chet/Lorenzo Pair 4/12 episodes


Contestants Team name Rank |Episode
Doug and Esteban The Foreigners Returns Great Barrier Beef
Chet and Lorenzo The Stepbrothers 12th It's A Mile To The Nile
Abi and Ed The Designers 11th Yu, Mi, And A Cup Of Tea
Carrie and Devin The Best Friends 10th Frozen Failures
Donna and Sierra The TD Uber Fans 9th Burn Baby Burn
Doug and Esteban The Foreigners 8th Double Whammy
Crimson and Ennui The Goths 7th
Jen and Tom The Fashion Bloggers 6th Pizza Party
Jacques and Josee The Ice Dancers 5th Beauty and the Beach
MacArthur and Sanders The Police Cadets 4th Graveyard Blues
Ryan and Stephanie The Daters 3rd Only One Will Trump Them All - Finale
Brody and Geoff The Surfer Dudes 2nd
Leslie and Sharon The Millennials 1st


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