The second season of this spinoff series is known as "The Forgotten Ones", as it brings back 20 contestants from the first three generations who did not get a lot of screen time/were underrated. Like the first season, when a contestant shows up last to the Safe Zone, they have to walk all the way back home. Each contestant that is safe moves on to the next leg of the race. This season is produced by Don, as Chef Hatchet was arrested.


Character Role Episodes
Don Host 18/18 episodes
Anne Maria Contestant 18/18 episodes
Justin Contestant 18/18 episodes
Ella Contestant 18/18 episodes
Dave Contestant 17/18 episodes
Sadie Contestant 16/18 episodes
Jo Contestant 15/18 episodes
Leonard Contestant 14/18 episodes
Katie Contestant 13/18 episodes
Sam Contestant 12/18 episodes
Sugar Contestant 11/18 episodes
Brick Contestant 10/18 episodes
Eva Contestant 9/18 episodes
Trent Contestant 7/18 episodes
Beth Contestant 7/18 episodes
Cameron Contestant 6/18 episodes
B Contestant 5/18 episodes
Beardo Contestant 4/18 episodes
Scarlett Contestant 3/18 episodes
Rodney Contestant 2/18 episodes
Staci Contestant 1/18 episodes


Contestant Rank Episode
Staci 20th Dodging Hits and Throwing Fits
Rodney 19th Insert Amazon Pun Here
Scarlett 18th Third Degree Burn
Beardo 17th I'm Coco-nuts For You
B 16th Hello and Dubai
Cameron 15th Hot, Cold and Everything In Between
Beth 14th Cha-Ching in China
Trent 13th
Eva 12th Beach Bums
Brick 11th Santa's Little Elves
Sugar 10th Bailar Conmigo
Sam 9th Oiling Over the Top
Katie 8th Journey to Middle Earth
Leonard 7th Jailbirds
Jo 6th Crashdown in Frozentown
Sadie 5th The Wall Shall Fall
Dave 4th Russian Rendezvous
Ella 3rd The Art Of Winning A Million Dollars
Justin 2nd
Anne Maria 1st


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