Created as a parody of Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, Dash 4 Cash: The New Generation focuses on the contestants who debuted in Periculum Falls in a spinoff season. The 15 remaining contestants must travel around the world, competing in different challenges in different countries, trying to survive. When a contestant shows up last to the Safe Zone, they have to walk all the way back home. Each contestant that is safe moves on to the next leg of the race. This season is hosted by Chef Hatchet.


Character Role Episodes
Chef Hatchet Host 14/14 episodes
Pedro Contestant 14/14 episodes
Kayla Contestant 14/14 episodes
Destiny Contestant 14/14 episodes
Cliff Contestant 14/14 episodes
Anthony Contestant 13/14 episodes
Valerie Contestant 12/14 episodes
Phil Contestant 10/14 episodes
Ben Contestant 9/14 episodes
Sara Contestant 8/14 episdoes
Em Contestant 8/14 episodes
Rachel Contestant 7/14 episodes
Jackson Contestant 6/14 episodes
Olivia Contestant 5/14 episodes
Clarice Contestant 3/14 episodes
Tyrone Contestant 2/14 episodes


Contestant Rank Episode
Tyrone 15th Oh Canada, My Love
Clarice 14th Golden Skies, Hawaiian Vibes
Sara Return A Heart as Cold as Ice
Olivia 13th Wild Snapshots
Jackson 12th Ice Ice Baby
Rachel 11th Fishing for Friends
Em 10th Sara in the Sahara
Ben 9th Too Ch-easy
Phil 8th Coffin Raiders
Sara 7th Riding Solo
Valerie 6th Bummer in the Bahamas
Anthony 5th When Crazy Meets Crikey
Cliff 4th Dancing With Dragons
Destiny 3rd The City of a Million Dollars
Kayla 2nd
Pedro 1st


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