The Killer Bass is one of the two opposing teams from Total Drama Island: My Way. Their logo is an angry-looking bass mounted on a pale yellow circle with a red ring around it. The Killer Bass originally consists of Beth, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, Duncan, Ezekiel, Heather, Justin and Owen.

Total Drama Island: My Way



Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Owen Male Returns Returns Hello Campers! The first challenge was for both teams to vote off someone off, and without much reasoning, Eva and Owen were sent home.
Ezekiel Male 17th 9th Can You Stand the Sleep? Ezekiel was disqualified for snooping in Chris' cabin and trying to find the million dollars.
Courtney Female Returns Returns Dodgebrawl Courtney was getting feisty and rude, and when it was down to her and Gwen in the challenge, she screwed up and lost it for her team.
Beth Female 15th/16th 8th Talent Show Bogus DJ and Beth both destroyed Chris' stage during their talent show, so he disqualified them both.
Justin Male 13th 7th Hot Kitchen He was arrogant during the challenge and his dish didn't come out so well.
Bridgette Female 12th 6th Pray for the Prey Heather got to pick who to vote out, and because of their confrontation during the challenge, she chose Bridgette.
Cody Male 11th 5th Sports Extravaganza Cody was hit in the head with a football during the challenge and was ruled too injured to continue competing.
Duncan Male 9th 4th So You Think You Can Eat Duncan got far into the challenge and established himself as a threat, so he was sent home.
Courtney Female 8th 3th Wheel of Disgust Courtney was the first person to get 3 strikes in the wheel of disgusting challenges.
Owen Male 4th 2nd Watch, Run and Catch! Owen became very good friends with Noah and they promised to go all the way together, so when Noah left, Owen was sad and left too.
Heather Female 3rd 1st Trial of Death Into the Rain Heather was sabotaged by her fear of Elmo and arrived back to camp last, eliminating her.