Noah is a contestant who first appears on Total Drama Island, and later appears on Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama All Stars, and finally Total Drama: The Concluding Catastrophe. He is one of the most consistently well competing characters in history of Total Drama My Way, and is nearly identical to his official counterpart. Because of this, he has much more screentime leading to much more development of him as a character. He was the winner of Total Drama Action.

Other Poses

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Eliminated from Total Drama Island
Previous Episode Next
Gwen Watch, Run and Catch! Owen
Eliminated from Total Drama Action
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Gwen The Aftermath: Total Drama Finale! N/A
Eliminated from Total Drama World Tour
Previous Episode Next
Izzy Bad New(s) York Bridgette
Eliminated from Total Drama All Stars: My Way
Previous Episode Next
Heather Valuable Villains Sky
Eliminated from Total Drama: The Concluding Catastrophe
Previous Episode Next
Scott Side Effects May Include Elimination Cove