The Tenacious Tigers is one of the two opposing teams on Total Drama Periculum Falls Returns. The Tenacious Tigers originally consists of Anthony, Em, Rachel, Phil and Tyrone. The Tenacious Tigers' logo is a is an orange tiger's face.

Total Drama Periculum Falls Returns


Tenacious Tigers teammates
Anthony | Em | Phil | Rachel | Tyrone


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Rachel Female Returns Returns Carrying a Huge Load Rachel's and Em's feuds got the best of the team, plus the fact she won last season caused her team to turn against her.
Anthony Male 8th 5th One Head, Two Head, I'm Dead, You're Dead Voz got his revenge on Anthony in the cave, causing him to lose for his team, and Em got Phil and Tyrone to vote him out for being the weakest on the team. 
Em Female 7th 4th Bringing it Back Em's bossiness was reaching a boiling point with her team and upon Rachel's revenge, she was voted out. 
Phil Male 4th 3rd Final Four No More Phil's growing cockiness hit him hard when he got seriously injured in the challenge and was then voted out by the remaining three contestants. 
Rachel Female 3rd 2nd Trivial Trouble Tyrone barely beat her in the trivia challenge on the season, and she was the last one to get 5 answers correct.  
Tyrone Male 2nd 1st Macho y Macho! The Double Dude Finale! He lost the final challenge of the season after Jackson unleashed his anger on his fort. 



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