Total Drama My Way: Action takes place on an abandoned film lot somewhere in Toronto, Ontario. It follows the same format as Total Drama Island, with thirteen contestants from last season including three new ones participating in movie-themed challenges on separate teams. After being voted off, contestants must take the Walk of Shame and go home via the Lame-o-sine. This process continues until one player wins $1,000,000. This season is hosted by Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet.


Character Role Episodes
Chris McLean Host 19/19 episodes
Chef Hatchet Chef 19/19 episodes
Noah Contestant 19/19 episodes
Gwen Contestant 19/19 episodes
Cody Contestant 19/19 episodes
Bridgette Contestant 18/19 episodes
Harold Contestant 16/19 episodes
Heather Contestant 15/19 episodes
Duncan Contestant 14/19 episodes
Owen Contestant 13/19 episodes
Lindsay Contestant 11/19 episodes
DJ Contestant 10/19 episodes
Leshawna Contestant 9/19 episodes
Courtney Contestant 9/19 episodes
Katie Contestant 8/19 episodes
Izzy Contestant 8/19 episodes
Geoff Contestant 7/19 episodes
Tyler Contestant 6/19 episodes
Trent Contestant 6/19 episodes
Justin Contestant 4/19 episodes
Sadie Contestant 4/19 episodes
Sierra Fan 2/19 episodes
Cove Reporter 1/19 episodes
Alejandro Random 1/19 episodes


Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Tyler Screaming Gaffers Returns Egg-treme Torture!
Sadie Screaming Gaffers 19th Lights, Camera, Failure!
Izzy Killer Grips Returns Beaching the Losers
Trent Screaming Gaffers 18th It's a Hard Not Life
Geoff Killer Grips 17th Health Violation
Katie Screaming Gaffers 16th No Need To Worry
Leshawna Killer Grips 15th A Disastrous Feeling
Dj Killer Grips 14th World War 3
Screaming Gaffers
Killer Grips
13th/12th Back in B.C.
Izzy Killer Grips 11th Give Me a M-O-N-E-Y!
Owen Screaming Gaffers 10th Good Looks, Exploding Crooks
Justin N/A 9th Super Dweeb
Heather Screaming Gaffers 8th Curiosity Killed the Witch
Harold Killer Grips 7th Once Upon a Fail
Duncan Screaming Gaffers 6th Party Like a Rockstar
Bridgette Killer Grips 5th Kung Fu is What I Do
Courtney N/A 4th A Non-Space Adventure
Cody Killer Grips 3rd
Gwen Screaming Gaffers 2nd The Aftermath: Total Drama Finale!
Noah Screaming Gaffers 1st


  • This is the second season of the series.
  • This is the first season to not take place at Camp Wawankwa.
  • This season is the second season to have the original 22 contestants competing.
  • This season took place in an abandoned film lot in Canada. 
  • This season's challenges were based off the challenges from the real Fresh TV/Teletoon series. 
  • This season introduces three new contestants, first seen in the TDI Special Episode. Sadie, Katie and Geoff all joined this season.
  • For finishing first and second in Total Drama Island: My Way (and because Chris didn't want the couple on the same team for dramatic purposes), Lindsay and Tyler got to pick the teams for this season.
  • Tyler unfortunately though is kicked off that episode.
  • In Episode 2, Sadie is the first "new" contestant to be kicked off, after her and Katie failed in the performance challenge. In Episode 5, Geoff is the second new contestant to be voted out after Chef found out that he knew about his alliance with Dj. In Episode 6, Katie is the last new contestant to be voted out after costing her team the challenge.
  • In Episode 3, Izzy accidentally destroys her teams sandcastle, prompting the Gaffers to their first win.
  • In Episode 3, Izzy was voted out, however she suddenly dissappeared instead of taking the Lame-o-sine.
  • In Episode 4, Duncan makes his debut and stays in the competition after he was involved in the challenge. 
  • In Episode 5, Chef makes an illegal alliance with Dj, offering his help for half of the money if Dj were to win. 
  • In Episode 6, Katie's elimination was the fastest and easiest elimination ever, as it resulted in a unaminous decision to vote her off. She basically lost the challenge for her team single-handedly.
  • With Katie's elimination, all three new contestants to join this season have been eliminated within the first six episodes. 
  • In Episode 7, Tyler comes back into the competition and rejoins the Gaffers. 
  • In Episode 8, Izzy comes back at the end of the challenge to help the Grips win. Despite this, Dj decides to quit (being the second contestant to ever do so) because of his illegal alliance with Chef. 
  • In Episode 9, Tyler and Lindsay apparently received the same amount of votes against them, so Chris decided (to hurry things along and) to eliminate them both. Gwen won immunity this challenge.
  • Not including the TDI Special, Lindsay has set the record for the most amount of episodes appeared in before getting eliminated, at 25. 
  • In Episode 10, Izzy blows up the nature set, and therefore is eliminated by Chris promptly. Even though she was in the running for immunity, that ended up being moot as she exploded a set. 
  • In Episode 10, Courtney and Justin also make their debut. They are the last contestants to come back/debut this season. Courtney sewed and Justin was voted back in due to "popular demand". 
  • In Episode 11, Justin shows the first sign of actual sabotage, as he blows up Owen along with the rest of the contestants during the challenge. Later at the voting ceremony, he gets Owen eliminated. 
  • In Episode 12, Harold beats out Justin for immunity after repeatedly being called "Super Dweeb". With Justin's elimination, one of the two antagonists in the game has been eliminated, just two episodes after he debuted.
  • In Episode 13, the challenge isn't actually announced to the final eight, but they end up finding out what it is due to some clues. In the end, Bridgette receives immunity and Heather is eliminated.  
  • In comparison to last season, TDA:MW has signficantly less double elimination episodes. This also carries onto the following seasons as well. 
  • In Episode 14, there's an instant elimination challenge; the first one all season. Also for the first time ever, the girls all got immunity, and the challenge was solely for the guys. In the end, Harold got unlucky and got eliminated.
  • In Episode 15, Duncan wins immunity. This is the first time that a person who wins part one of a two part challenge, also wins the second part and therefore gains immunity. However, even with invincibility, Duncan is arrested and taken back to juvy before the Voting Ceremony even begins.
  • This marks the second time in Total Drama history where a person who has immunity still ends up leaving that episode. 
  • In Episode 16, Gwen wins immunity after a two part challenge. At the elimination ceremony, it is revealed Bridgette was eliminated by a 3-2 vote. 
  • In Episode 17, there was only supposed to be one challenge in which someone would earn immunity. However, they all failed, so Chris gave them another challenge. Courtney failed and was therefore instantly eliminated, but due to the rules Cody also ended up eliminating himself. 
  • In Episode 18, the finale, Gwen and Noah are put through the real test - redoing every challenge throughout the season! However, they can bypass it if they answer the trivia question correctly - which they did multiple times. In the end, Noah reached the Aftermath Studio first and claimed his title as winner of Season 2. 
  • It is also revealed in Episode 18 that Cody's parents are divorced. This makes him the only contestant that we are aware of their parents situation. 
  • In the TDA Special, 6 months has passed since the finale of season two. Cove, a reporter, is on the scene while the contestants wait to find out if they won the 2015 Best YouTube Series Award. Along the way, two new characters are introduced (Alejandro and Sierra) and 16 older contestants are rewarded with season number three. Those who did not qualify are Eva, Justin, Harold, Katie, Sadie and Trent. 

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