Total Drama My Way: Revenge of the Island is the first season to introduce thirteen new players to Camp Wawanakwa, which was being rented to a biohazardous waste disposal company since the end of Total Drama My Way: Island. With mutated creatures roaming free, the two teams must take the Hurl of Shame until someone wins $1,000,000.This season was hosted by Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet.


Character Role Episodes
Chris McLean Host 13/13 episodes
Chef Hatchet Chef 13/13 episodes
Lightning Contestant 13/13 episodes
Dawn Contestant 13/13 episodes
Mike Contestant 13/13 episodes
Zoey Contestant 13/13 episodes
Anne Maria Contestant 11/13 episodes
Sam Contestant 10/13 episodes
Dakota Contestant 9/13 episodes
Scott Contestant 8/13 episodes
Jo Contestant 7/13 episodes
Cameron Contestant 6/13 episodes
B Contestant 5/13 episodes
Brick Contestant 4/13 episodes
Staci Contestant 2/13 episodes


Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Staci Toxic Rats 13th The Truth Comes Out
Brick Mutant Maggots 12th Be My Ice Princess
B Toxic Rats 11th Scavenge Me This
Cameron Mutant Maggots 10th A Boy and His Shark
Jo Toxic Rats 9th Model After Me
Scott Mutant Maggots 8th Mine Oh Mine
Dakota Mutant Maggots 7th That is Treasure to Me
Sam Toxic Rats 6th Full Speed Ahead
Anne Maria Toxic Rats 5th Fly Up High in the Sky
Mutant Maggots
Toxic Rats
4th/3rd Flowers That Hold No Powers
Dawn Mutant Maggots 2nd The Calm Before the Final Storm
Lightning Toxic Rats 1st


  • This is the fourth season of the series.
  • This is the second season to take place at Camp Wawankwa.
  • This season is the first season to have all new contestants competing.
  • This season's challenges were based off the challenges from the real Fresh TV/Teletoon series. 
  • This season introduces thirteen new contestants.
  • This is the second season that no one is eliminated in the first episode.
  • This is the second season that an eliminated contestant does not return back in. 
  • In Episode 1, there is no elimination but the teams are made based on how they finished in a race through the forest.
  • B Is the only character to have never talked once on the show. 
  • Mike has a season long crush on Zoey, but she is oblivious to it. Also, multiple people try to stop Mike from trying to be with her (Scott, Anne Maria, Lightning, etc).
  • Episode 5 starts the season long conflict/relationship between Fang the Shark and Scott. 
  • In Episode 7, feral Ezekiel makes an appearance, having last seen him falling into the volcano in TDWT:MW Episode 18. Apparently, he found his way back to Camp Wawankwa, coincidentally.
  • With Scott's elimination, that leaves the Mutant Maggots with all females. In contrast, the Toxic Rats at this point have 1 female and 3 male.
  • In Episode 10, Anne Maria allows Mike to win hoping to earn his trust and love, only for her to be eliminated and not get Mike's attention.
  • Episode 11 is a non-elimination episode, although it was meant to have an elimination. This prompts Episode 12 to have a double elimination, although it wasn't planned. 
  • In Episode 13, the finale, Dawn and Lightning have a mini-wrestling match, but neither truly defeats the other. It is pure luck that Lightning falls on top of Dawn as the island is being destroyed, thus being declared winner.
  • This is the second location to have been destroyed, the first being Hawaii. 
  • This season's merge happens the earliest out of any season.