The final season in the series, Total Drama My Way: The Concluding Catastrophe takes place on Uncanny Isle, a brand new island off Canada's coast. Twenty contestants from the previous eight seasons were voted in by the fans and are then divided into two teams, competing in challenges every couple of days. While the winning team earns invincibility, the losing team has to vote off one of their own players. Whoever is voted off must walk leave the island via the Yacht of Shame. The teams eventually dissolve and the elimination process continues until the last contestant standing wins a grand prize of $1,000,000. This season is the last one hosted by Chris McLean.


Character Role Episodes
Chris McLean Host 19/19 episodes
Ben Contestant 19/19 episodes
Zoey Contestant 19/19 episodes
Gwen Contestant 19/19 episodes
Cove Contestant 19/19 episodes
Topher Contestant 18/19 episodes
Em Contestant 17/19 episodes
Jasmine Contestant 16/19 episodes
Noah Contestant 14/19 episodes
Scott Contestant 13/19 episodes
Dawn Contestant 12/19 episodes
Destiny Contestant 11/19 episodes
Duncan Contestant 10/19 episodes
Sky Contestant 9/19 episodes
Cody Contestant 8/19 episodes
Mike Contestant 7/19 episodes
Shawn Contestant 6/19 episodes
Samey Contestant 5/19 episodes
Jackson Contestant 4/19 episodes
Ezekiel Cameo 4/19 episodes
Voz Cameo 4/19 episodes
Lightning Contestant 3/19 episodes
Lindsay Contestant 2/19 episodes


Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Lindsay Scorching Serpents 20th A Bigger All Star Celebration
Lightning Scorching Serpents 19th Oh Baby You're a Tranquilizer
Jackson Scorching Serpents 18th Let Loose And Put Your Skills To Use
Samey Scorching Serpents 17th Animal Parade
Shawn Eccentric Eagles 16th The Princess in the (Sand) Castle
Mike Eccentric Eagles 15th A Volcano Is No Mountain
Cody Eccentric Eagles 14th Valuable Is An Understatement
Sky Eccentric Eagles 13th Boats Under Falling Bridges
Duncan Scorching Serpents 12th Birds Fly Higher On The Dark Side
Destiny Eccentric Eagles 11th Return of the Feral Brothers
Dawn Eccentric Eagles 10th Shake It And Break It
Scott Scorching Serpents 9th Exploding Revelations
Noah Eccentric Eagles 8th Side Effects May Include Elimination
Cove Scorching Serpents 7th Cove-r and Cove-r Again
Jasmine Scorching Serpents 6th You Put The Key In Monkey
Em Scorching Serpents 5th Hot Lava Pursuit!
Topher Eccentric Eagles 4th Any Means of Survival
Gwen Eccentric Eagles 3rd Caves O' Plenty
Ben Eccentric Eagles 1st/2nd The Ending To End All Ends
Zoey Scorching Serpents


  • This is the ninth and final season of the series.
  • This is the seventh season to not take place at Camp Wawankwa.
  • This season is the fifth season to have (some of) the original 22 contestants competing.
  • This season's challenges were based off the challenges from the real Fresh TV/Teletoon series. The challenges were more extreme/difficult versions of some of the previous 8 seasons' challenges.
  • This season still introduces one new character, who was only previously seen in the TDA Special (Cove). 
  • This is the fifth season that some one is eliminated in the first episode.
  • This is the third season that an eliminated contestant does not return to the competition. 
  • This is the second time in TDMW history that fans got to vote and affect the game.
  • The one and only main antagonist this season is newcomer Cove, who bluntly states that he is still bitter about not being able to finish covering the TDA Special and wants revenge. Multiple times throughout the season, he manipulates/sabotages the other team as well as his own team.
  • Cove is responsible for the eliminations of: Lindsay, Lightning, Jackson, Samey, Shawn, Mike, Cody, Sky, Duncan, Destiny, and Scott. 
  • After Duncan and Gwen's break up is final, Cody attempts to get with Gwen, in which he succeeds.
  • Throughout the season, and up until her elimination, Topher tries to talk to Sky about their relationship and how it ended during TDAS:MW. A running gag throughout the season is that something unexpected or big happens, preventing them from talking. That is, until Episode 8 when Sky is injured and Topher gets the chance to speak to her without interruption.
  • In Episode 10, Ezekiel and Voz make their first of few appearances but are not reinstated into the game. The challenge however includes them. 
  • In Episode 14, Cove is pushed into the volcano by Mr. Coconut after his elimination. This causes an eruption 2 episodes later, in which he can be seen during the next couple of episodes.
  • Topher is the best placing previous winner (4th), while Lindsay is the worst placing previous winner (20th). 
  • Coincidentally, they have both been in a relationship with a runner up. (Sky and Tyler) 
  • Gwen is the best placing previous runner up (3rd), while Sky is the worst placing previous runner up (13th). 
  • Coincidentally, both Sky and Gwen have been in a relationship with a winner (Duncan and Topher) 
  • Ironically, Both competed on this season. 
  • Out of the 20 contestants, only Zoey (1st/2nd), Ben (1st/2nd) and Jasmine (6th) placed better than their previous best placement. 
  • In Episode 19, the finale, Ben and Zoey compete in a race around the island, starting from the Cliff, through the ocean, through the forest and up the volcano.
  • This is the fifth location to have been destroyed in the finale, after Hawaii, Camp Wawankwa, Pahkitew Island and Periculum Falls. 
  • This is the longest season in TDMW history, if one does not include Specials as an actual episode.
  • This is the first time in TDMW history that teams have lost 4 members in a row. 
  • This is the first time in TDMW history that there have been 2 injures resulting in eliminations (3 if you consider Cove).
  • Cove falling into the volcano causes him to be the second person ever on the show to fall into a volcano (Ezekiel in TDWT:MW Episode 18).