Seventeen retruning cast members, plus two new contestants, compete for the chance to win $1,000,000 in challenges taking place all around the world. This season, players are divided into three teams and must live on the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. They must also perform spontaneous musical numbers every couple of episodes or risk being eliminated via the Drop of Shame. The prize money goes to the last-standing contestant in the season. This season is hosted by Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet. 


Character Role Episodes
Chris McLean Host 18/18 episodes
Chef Hatchet Chef 18/18 episodes
Duncan Contestant 18/18 episodes
Heather Contestant 18/18 episodes
Alejandro Contestant 18/18 episodes
Leshawna Contestant 17/18 episodes
Owen Contestant 16/18 episodes
Courtney Contestant 15/18 episodes
Lindsay Contestant 14/18 episodes
DJ Contestant 13/18 episodes
Sierra Contestant 12/18 episodes
Geoff Contestant 11/18 episodes
Tyler Contestant 9/18 episodes
Ezekiel Contestant 9/18 episodes
Bridgette Contestant 8/18 episodes
Noah Contestant 7/18 episodes
Izzy Contestant 6/18 episodes
Beth Contestant 5/18 episodes
Harold Contestant 4/18 episodes
Cody Contestant 4/18 episodes
Gwen Contestant 4/18 episodes

Elimination Table

Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Ezekiel Team Victory 19th Sing it for the Pharaohs - Part 2
Gwen Team Victory 18th Eiffel In and Out of Love
Cody Team Victory 17th
Beth Team Victory 16th Tokyo Time
Izzy Team Chris is Reallyx3 Hot 15th Jamaican Me Crazy
Noah Team Chris is Reallyx3 Hot 14th Bad New(s) York
Bridgette Team Victory 13th Yukon Do It If You Try
Tyler Team Victory 12th Olympic Style
Harold Team Victory 11th It's All in the Area
Geoff Team Chris is Reallyx3 Hot 10th Peru To You Too
Sierra Team Amazon 9th London Bridges Falling Down
Dj Team Amazon 8th I Fall, You Fall, We All Fall
Lindsay Team Amazon 7th A Sweden-ing Battle
Courtney Team Amazon 6th A Little Chinese Lesson
Owen Team Chris is Reallyx3 Hot 5th The Lions and The Lying
Leshawna Team Amazon 4th You're One Rotten Easter Egg
Alejandro Team Chris is Reallyx3 Hot 3rd Dino Digging Drumheller!
Heather Team Amazon 2nd The Weather is Nicer in Hawaii
Duncan Team Chris is Reallyx3 Hot 1st


  • This is the third season of the series.
  • This is the second season to not take place at Camp Wawankwa.
  • This season is the third season to have the original 22 contestants competing.
  • This season has the debut of songs - a brand new feature this season is that randomly at any given time, Chris can make the contestants sing a musical number. However, in Episode 8, it states that because of "budget cuts", not every episode from then on will contain a song. 
  • This season took place all around the world. The list includes: Egypt, Paris, Japan, Jamaica, New York City, Yukon, Greece, Area 51, Amazon(Peru), London, Niagara Falls, Sweden, China, Africa, Easter Island, Drumheller, Hawaii.
  • This season's challenges were based off the challenges from the real Fresh TV/Teletoon series. 
  • This season introduces two new contestants, first seen in the TDA Special Episode. Alejandro and Sierra both joined this season.
  • This is the first season that no one is eliminated in the first episode.
  • This is the first season that an eliminated contestant does not return. 
  • In Episode 2, for the first time, there were three teams and contestants got to create their own team names. There was also a team switch between Izzy and Sierra. 
  • In Episode 3, Alejandro displayed one of his first diabolic attempts and sabotaged Gwen, causing her to lose the challenge and ultimately get eliminated. Cody, however, then quit too, in thanks for helping him with Sierra.
  • With Cody's elimination, this marks the third irregular elimination for Cody - he has never been voted out. He has been injured, instantly eliminated and now quit. 
  • Cody is the third person to quit, as one person has per season. He is also involved in a double elimination every season thus far. 
  • In Episode 4, Team Victory loses for the third time in a row. They are already down to two players after 4 episodes. Beth and Bridgette were distracted in the planning stage of the challenge. 
  • In Episode 5, Team Victory loses again for the fourth time in a row, however is spared of elimination since Izzy was injured and removed from the game due to her injury being too serious.
  • With Izzy's elimination, that leaves Team Chris is Reallyx3 Hot with all males. In contrast, Team Amazon is 5 females and 1 male, while Team Victory is split evenly. 
  • Episode 6 marks the first time this season that a team other than Team Victory has lost a challenge. Team Chris is Reallyx3 Hot came in last. 
  • Alejandro directly or indirectly caused the eliminations of Gwen, Cody, Beth, Noah, Bridgette, Harold, Geoff, DJ, Courtney, Owen and Leshawna. 
  • Episode 7 sees Team Victory lose again, at the hands of Alejandro. In this episode, Harold also joins. 
  • With Bridgettes elimination, 4 of the final 5 from last season are now eliminated. 
  • In Episode 8, Team Victory lost again and since there were only two members, they had a tiebreaker challenge. Tyler lost the challenge to Harold, causing his elimination.
  • This is the first time (if you don't include Tyler's first elimination in TDA:MW) that Tyler/Lindsay have not been eliminated together. 
  • In Episode 9, Harold is automatically eliminated for finishing last (due to Alejandro). All of Team Victory has now been eliminated. (They even had 7 members, but lost all of them before Team Amazon lost 1). 
  • Team Chris is Reallyx3 Hot loses in Episode 10, giving Team Amazon the longest "non-elimination" streak out of any team possible in TDMW history. Alejandro turns on his word to Geoff, loses purposefully, and votes him out. 
  • With Team Amazon's loss in Episode 11, it marks the first time they will be eliminating someone from the competition. 11 Episodes is the furthest into a season before a team eliminates it's first member. Coincidentally, Leshawna's new flower is brought up on various occassions, as she found it the episode before. Sierra's elimination also stops the pattern of 3 consecutive males being eliminated. 
  • This season's merge happens the latest out of any season. 
  • Lindsay votes for herself in Episode 13, thinking she's voting for the prettiest contestant, which breaks the 2-2-2 tie of votes and eliminating her. 
  • Episode 14 is the first instance where the name of the episode is the name of the song sung during the challenge. 
  • This season is the first one ever to have two contestants vote for themselves in an elimination ceremony. Lindsay (Ep13) and Owen (Ep15) both vote themselves out. However Owen's was due to the fact he was still experiencing side effects from the tranquilizer ball Alejandro hit him with. 
  • In Episode 16, Leshawna is unable to complete the challenge, prompting her instant elimination. This is the first non-voting elimination since Harold in Episode 9. Before her elimination, she presents Alejandro with her "lucky" silver flower. 
  • In Episode 17, due to Heather's betrayal/sabotage, Alejandro is finally taken down and eliminated after Duncan had already earned himself a spot in the finale. 
  • In Episode 18, Duncan throws the dummy into the volcano before Heather can, even though she was there first, winning the season. Ezekiel, all feral and such, attacks Chris and Duncan for the million dollars, before falling into the volcano with it, burning the million but no him. The volcano then erupts and the contestants run away, all unharmed. 

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