Total Drama Next Generation

Total Drama Next Generation is the second of two series in the "Total Drama My Way franchise". It started production in 2017. It is currently set to produce 4 seasons. Total Drama: Big Brother is a spinoff show linked to Next Gen and is currently set to produce 1 season.


After Chris McLean's death in Total Drama My Way: The Concluding Catastrophe, and Chef and Don's arrest in Dash 4 Cash: Special Edition, a new host and chef take over for this rebirth of the series. Kassondra gets the job in Episode 0 of Total Drama Next Generation: Starlight Savanna, and Chefette is her cohost. Another new host by the name of Jessie takes over for the spinoff series, Total Drama: Big Brother


There are 2 generations of contestants in the Total Drama Next Generation series. There are a total of 30 contestants.

  • Generation 6 consists of 20 contestants
    • This includes Starlight Savanna, Back in Action and Island Homecoming.
  • Generation 7 consists of 10 contestants
    • This includes Big Brother.
  • There are 10 contestants from Generations 1,2,3 and 4.
    • This includes ...


There are 4 main seasons in the Total Drama Next Generation series. They are listed in order here, with links to their main page and elimination table. 

Number Season Location Episodes Main Page Elimination Table
2-1 Total Drama Next Generation: Starlight Savanna Starlight Savanna 23 Link Link
2-2 Total Drama Next Generation: Back in Action Film Lot 19 Link
2-3 Total Drama Next Generation: Island Homecoming Uncanny Isle 16 Link
2-4 Total Drama Next Generation: Clash of Casts Starlight Savanna 18 Link


Total Drama Next Generation episodes
E# S# Episode Airdate
Total Drama Next Generation: Starlight Savanna
1 Call it a Comeback - Part 1 September 21, 2017
2 Call it a Comeback - Part 2 September 23, 2017
3 The Legend of Harambe October 16, 2017
4 Pain-t in My Neck October 17, 2017
5 Show Me Your Skills October 22, 2017
6 You'll Be Sahari October 27, 2017
7 What Lurks Beneath October 29, 2017
8 Be Very Very Wary October 31, 2017
9 Look Here, Look There, Look Everywhere November 3, 2017
10 A Whole Load of Bull November 5, 2017
11 Brace for the Race November 9, 2017
12 Converge at the Merge November 11, 2017
13 The Elephant in the Room November 15, 2017
14 Fools That Duel November 19, 2017
15 Match Made in Heaven November 21, 2017
16 Were's the Wolf? November 26, 2017
17 Chimp on Your Shoulder December 1, 2017
18 Tongue Tied and Twisted December 4, 2017
19 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Placer? December 5, 2017
20 This Means War December 7, 2017
21 Come So Far, Got One More To Go December 9, 2017
22 Party Under the Stars - Finale December 15, 2017
23 Time For Another Comeback December 18, 2017
Total Drama Next Generation: Back in Action
1 24 Let's Get Physical January --, 2018
2 25 One Beach is Enough
3 26 Zero Gravity Games
4 27 From Trash to Treasure
5 28 Aftermath #1
6 29 Say Goodbye to Sci-Fi
7 30 Curing the Incurable
8 31 This is a Disaster!
9 32 Aftermath #2
10 33 The Karate Kids
11 34 Total Drama: The Musical
12 35 I've Got My Eyes on You
13 36 Aftermath #3
14 37 Locked Out For Good
15 38 For the Furry Friends
16 39 Adventure Awaits!
17 40 Aftermath #4
18 41 The Finale Won't Solve Itself
19 42 Anchor's Away
Total Drama Next Generation: Island Homecoming
1 43 Third Time's the Charm
2 44 Pointing Fingers and Saying Names
3 45 Growth Against the Grain
4 46 Danger Calls
5 47 It’s Goin' Down, I’m Yellin’ Timber
6 48 What Have You Watched?
7 49 Licking and Screaming
8 50 Crash Course
9 51 The Ground is Lava
10 52 Curiosity of the Cage
11 53 Under Pressure
12 54 Cuckoo for Coconuts
13 55 Rack 'Em Up, Stack 'Em Up
14 56 Baby Burglars
15 57 Witchcraft and Tomfoolery
16 58 The Final Homecoming
Total Drama Next Generation: Clash of Casts
1 59
2 60
3 61
4 62
5 63
6 64
7 65
8 66
9 67
10 68
11 69
12 70
13 71
14 72
15 73
16 74
17 75
18 76


Elimination is the process in the Total Drama My Way franchise where a contestant is removed from the competition, most often occurring after they are voted for by the other members of their team or merged contestants. Other possible methods include quitting, leaving due to injury, or being automatically eliminated for coming in last.

2-1) Total Drama Next Generation: Starlight Savanna

Total Drama Next Generation: Starlight Savnna eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Angela Female Fighting Spirits 20th Call it a Comeback - Part 2 Even though Megan's attitude really ticked off the team, Angela's constant arrogance and bad singing annoyed them even more, prompting them to vote her out instead.
Jake Male Barbaric Bones 19th The Legend of Harambe His plan to lure Harambe and trap him failed when the gorilla rampaged past him, destroying his team's camera and setup. Because of this and the fact that he was not seen as a useful member, his team decided to eliminate him.
Violet Female Barbaric Bones Returns Pain-t in My Neck Violet's annoying tendencies to continuously talk and talk with no filter really irritated most of her teammates, but reached a boiling point with certain members thanks in part to Georgia's sabotage.
Xavier Male Fighting Spirits 18th Show Me Your Skills Danny and Casey successfully threw the challenge, per the request of Landovan, so they could eliminate one of Greg, Vince and Xavier because they thought they were a dangerous trio. In the end, they chose Xavier due to his brains.
Wendelle Female Fighting Spirits 17th You'll Be Sahari After Landovan befriended Greg, the secret alliance decided that Greg and Vince are probably best to keep for the time being. After Wendelle and Ron's seesaw friendship blew up thanks to Georgia and Jackie, Momma Wendelle was seen as a weak link and thus voted off.
Ron Male Barbaric Bones Returns What Lurks Beneath Because Wendelle took his drugs with her as she was eliminated, Ron experienced some heavy drug withdrawals. He was having outbursts, and snapping at his team. Since they lost, they all decided to vote him out, as he was becoming a bit scary.
Octavio Male Barbaric Bones 16th Be Very Very Wary Despite him trying in the challenge, he fell back on old habits. Seen as the metaphorical "bottom of the team totem pole", the team knew they needed to get rid of their weakest link. Octavio figured his elimination was coming, and accepted it.
Fran Female Barbaric Bones 15th Look Here, Look There, Look Everywhere With the guilt of Octavio's elimination prevalent in her thoughts, and her team's increasing bickering, Fran felt the stress and no longer wanted to compete with them. She told her teammates to vote for her, so they could all "figure their crap out".
Cosmo Male Barbaric Bones 14th A Whole Load of Bull Brendan was the original target, however he used his immunity idol, keeping him safe. This shocked the rest of the team, and since Jackie proved to be a dominant team player while Cosmo flopped twice in the challenge, he was the only logical replacement.
Landovan Male Fighting Spirits 13th Brace for the Race After they finally lost a challenge, the secret alliance decided that Megan would be their target, until Danny discovered she had an immunity idol. They got her to play it, but also accidentally got Greg, their next target, to play his as well. With a +1 vote against him from a previous elimination ceremony, Landovan was eliminated due in part to Georgia's scheme.
Ron Male Barbaric Bones 12th Converge at the Merge When he rejoined the game, everyone thought he was still crazy, which wasn't the case. During the challenge, Georgia showed him her true self, and threatened his game if she blew up hers. He attempted to before elimination, but it backfired on him, and he got voted out once more.
Georgia Female Fighting Spirits 11th The Elephant in the Room Casey and Danny exposed Georgia in front of everyone, causing her to drop her act and reveal her true self. She came close to getting immunity in the challenge playing dirty, but ultimately failed. Despite most people feeling intimidated by her, she still got Violet to rally some votes not against her, but because she never specified her target, she was eliminated by one vote.
Jackie Female Barbaric Bones 10th Fools That Duel After finishing in the top three in every challenge post merge, Jackie established herself as a clear competition threat. Couple that with the fact that Casey won immunity, Jackie was always a target to go home. After Vince made a risky move, his vote was the deciding factor that ended up sending Jackie home over Danny.
Violet Female Barbaric Bones 9th Match Made in Heaven Despite thinking she was in a good place with most people, Violet's personality ended up getting the best of her yet again. With Danny scheming to take himself off the block, Megan and China both thinking that Violet is a phony, and Vince trying to prove himself to his Bro Squad, Violet was almost unanimously voted off again.
Vince Male Fighting Spirits 8th Were's the Wolf? In attempting to prove himself actually loyal to Greg, Vince went through with voting for himself at elimination. After Megan played an immunity idol, a bunch of the others decided it was Vince's turn to go. He was originally going to be saved by Brendan's decision to quit because of injury, but Kassondra decided to eliminate both of them.
Brendan Male Barbaric Bones 7th During the challenge, Brendan got attacked and very injured by the werewolf that they were hunting. With the new injury clause in effect, Brendan decided at first to stay in the game. That is, however, until he learned that Vince would be going home and decided to quit to save him, and because he realized he couldn't really physically compete. However, Kassondra decided to eliminate both of them.
Aubrey Female Barbaric Bones 6th Tongue Tied and Twisted In their first and last automatic elimination challenge of the season, the final six had to round up and capture 5 emus a piece, since they were migrating over to their part of the savanna. Following some trouble via Greg and Harambe, Aubrey was having a difficult time managing to catch the birds, and in the end was the last one to complete the challenge, causing her automatic elimination.
Casey Female Fighting Spirits 5th Are You Smarter Than a 5th Placer? China decided that she would vote for Danny with Megan and Greg, however after he won immunity, that plan fell through. At the elimination ceremony, Greg and Megan voted for Casey to avenge Vince and hurt Danny, while Danny and China voted for Megan. Casey had a no vote penalty that she forgot about, and therefore caused a tiebreaker, in which she lost.
Greg Male Fighting Spirits 4th This Means War In a guys vs girls challenge, it was Danny and Greg vs Megan and China in a race to get back to the mess hall from inside the savanna. Despite both pairs encountering problems at first, both pushed through and made it to the end. However, thanks to China's slaps, the boys ended up losing, and the girls got the sole two votes at elimination. At first looking like a tie, Danny and China managed to get Megan to keep her enemies closer, and vote out Greg.
China Female Barbaric Bones 3rd Come So Far, Got One More To Go Thinking that the person who won immunity in the challenge would get to pick who to bring to the finale with them, Megan and China devised a plan to let Megan win immunity and she'd take China with her. Danny led the whole challenge, but China stalled him enough to let Megan win immunity. However, it was the eliminated contestants who got to vote on the second finalist, and in a 9-8 vote, they chose Danny.
Megan Female Fighting Spirits 2nd Party Under the Stars-Finale The final challenge of the season was to tame an animal using Chefette's special dish, then race to the finish line on them. During the challenge, Danny managed to get Megan's secret out of her, which stalled her and gave him the lead, until the two clashed and were sent flying into the river. As they ran neck and neck to the finish line, Danny barely edged out Megan, winning the million dollars. He proceeded to then share some of his earnings with Megan.
Danny Male Fighting Spirits 1st

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