Total Drama Next Generation

Total Drama Next Generation is the second of two series in the "Total Drama My Way franchise". It started production in 2017. It is currently set to produce 4 seasons. Total Drama: Big Brother is a spinoff show linked to Next Gen and is currently set to produce 1 season.


After Chris McLean's death in Total Drama My Way: The Concluding Catastrophe, and Chef and Don's arrest in Dash 4 Cash: Special Edition, a new host and chef take over for this rebirth of the series. Kassondra gets the job in Episode 0 of Total Drama Next Generation: Starlight Savanna, and Chefette is her cohost. Another new host by the name of Jessie takes over for the spinoff series, Total Drama: Big Brother


There are 2 generations of contestants in the Total Drama Next Generation series. There are a total of 30 contestants.

  • Generation 6 consists of 20 contestants
    • This includes Starlight Savanna, Back in Action and Island Homecoming.
  • Generation 7 consists of 10 contestants
    • This includes Big Brother.


There are 4 main seasons in the Total Drama Next Generation series. They are listed in order here, with links to their main page and elimination table. 

Number Season Location Episodes Main Page Elimination Table
2-1 Total Drama Next Generation: Starlight Savanna Starlight Savanna 23 Link Link
2-2 Total Drama Next Generation: Back in Action Film Lot 15
2-3 Total Drama Next Generation: Island Homecoming Uncanny Isle 16
2-4 Total Drama Next Generation: Clash of Casts Starlight Savanna 18


Total Drama Next Generation episodes
E# S# Episode Airdate
Total Drama Next Generation: Starlight Savanna
1 Call it a Comeback - Part 1 September 21, 2017
2 Call it a Comeback - Part 2 September 23, 2017
3 The Legend of Harambe October 16, 2017
4 Pain-t in My Neck October 17, 2017
5 Show Me Your Skills
6 You'll Be Sahari
7 What Lurks Beneath
8 What Doesn't Kill You Hurts A Lot
9 Look Here, Look There, Look Everywhere
10 A Whole Load of Bull
11 Brace for the Race
12 Converge at the Merge
13 No More Luck
14 See Ya Later Gator
15 Eyes on the Prize
16 Were's the Wolf?
17 Tongue Tied and Twisted
18 Chimp on Your Shoulder
19 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Placer?
20 This Means War
21 Come So Far, Got One More To Go
22 Party Under the Stars - Finale
23 Time For Another Comeback


Elimination is the process in the Total Drama My Way franchise where a contestant is removed from the competition, most often occurring after they are voted for by the other members of their team or merged contestants. Other possible methods include quitting, leaving due to injury, or being automatically eliminated for coming in last.

2-1) Total Drama Next Generation: Starlight Savanna

Total Drama Next Generation: Starlight Savnna eliminations
Contestant Gender Primary team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Angela Female Fighting Spirits 20th Call it a Comeback - Part 2 Even though Megan's attitude really ticked off the team, Angela's constant arrogance and bad singing annoyed them even more, prompting them to vote her out instead.
Jake Male Barbaric Bones 19th The Legend of Harambe His plan to lure Harambe and trap him failed when the gorilla rampaged past him, destroying his team's camera and setup. Because of this and the fact that he was not seen as a useful member, his team decided to eliminate him.
Violet Female Barbaric Bones 18th Pain-t in My Neck Violet's annoying tendencies to continuously talk and talk with no filter really irritated most of her teammates, but reached a boiling point with certain members thanks in part to Georgia's sabotage.

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