Total Drama Next Generation: Island Homecoming takes place on Uncanny Isle, the island that was used during Season 9 of the My Way series. It is incredibly damaged by the volcanic eruption that occurred in the finale of the MW series, but since then has become habitable again. Fourteen returning contestants plus two newbies are brought back to compete in outdoorsy challenges on separate teams, once again. After being voted off at the elimination ceremony, contestants must go home via the Jetski of Shame. This process continues until one player wins $1,000,000. This season is produced by Kassondra, Chefette and Blaineley.


Character Role Episodes
Kassondra Host 14/16 episodes
Chefette Chef 14/16 episodes
Blaineley Medical 15/16 episodes
Angela Contestant 14/16 episodes
Greg Contestant 14/16 episodes
Octavio Contestant 14/16 episodes
Jackie Contestant 13/16 episodes
Stuart Contestant 12/16 episodes
Liana Contestant 12/16 episodes
Megan Contestant 12/16 episodes
Jake Contestant 11/16 episodes
Brendan Contestant 10/16 episodes
Aubrey Contestant 9/16 episodes
Danny Contestant 8/16 episodes
Georgia Contestant 8/16 episodes
Wendelle Contestant 7/16 episodes
China Contestant 6/16 episodes
Cosmo Contestant 5/16 episodes
Vince Contestant 4/16 episodes
Casey Cameo 3/16 episodes
Fran Cameo 3/16 episodes
Landovan Cameo 3/16 episodes
Ron Cameo 3/16 episodes
Violet Cameo 3/16 episodes
Xavier Cameo 3/16 episodes


Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Vince N/A 16th Third Time's the Charm
Cosmo Team Testosterone 15th Finger Pointing and Name Calling
China The Dream Team 14th Lighting a Flame Under You
Wendelle Team Grief 13th Gotta Swim To Win
Georgia Team Testosterone 12th Falling For Ya
Danny Team Testosterone 11th Buzzer B-eater
Aubrey Team Grief 10th Panic! at the Beach
Brendan The Dream Team 9th Drop It Like It's Hot
Jake The Dream Team 8th And Away We Go
Megan Team Testosterone 7th No Blain, No Gain
Liana The Dream Team 6th/5th An Elusive Exposé
Stuart The Dream Team
Jackie Team Grief 4th Four No More
Octavio Team Grief 3rd What I Woodn't Do For Fame
Angela Team Grief 2nd The Final Homecoming
Greg Team Testosterone 1st


  • This season was the third season of the second series.
  • This season was the first season in the second series to have an elimination in the first episode.