Created after the events of The Concluding Catastrophe and Dash4Cash: Special Edition, Starlight Savanna starts a new chapter in the My Way Franchise. It's the first season of the second series. This season showcases 20 brand new contestants. When a contestant is eliminated at the Elimination Ceremony, they have to take a ride home in the Safari of Shame. Each contestant that is safe receives a tiki idol, as well as a potential hidden reward/penalty. This season is produced by Kassondra and Chefette.


Character Role Episodes
Kassondra Host 23/23 episodes
Chefette Chef 23/23 episodes
China Contestant 23/23 episodes
Danny Contestant 23/23 episodes
Megan Contestant 23/23 episodes
Greg Contestant 23/23 episodes
Casey Contestant 22/23 episodes
Aubrey Contestant 21/23 episodes
Brendan Contestant 19/23 episodes
Vince Contestant 19/23 episodes
Jackie Contestant 17/23 episodes
Georgia Contestant 16/23 episodes
Landovan Contestant 14/23 episodes
Cosmo Contestant 13/23 episodes
Fran Contestant 12/23 episodes
Violet Contestant 11/23 episodes
Octavio Contestant 11/23 episodes
Ron Contestant 11/23 episodes
Wendelle Contestant 9/23 episodes
Xavier Contestant 8/23 episodes
Jake Contestant 6/23 episodes
Angela Contestant 5/23 episodes


Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Angela Fighting Spirits 20th Call it a Comeback - Part 2
Jake Barbaric Bones 19th The Legend of Harambe
Violet Barbaric Bones Returns Pain-t in My Neck
Xavier Fighting Spirits 18th Show Me Your Skills
Wendelle Fighting Spirits 17th You'll Be Sahari
Ron Barbaric Bones Returns What Lurks Beneath
Octavio Barbaric Bones 16th Be Very Very Wary
Fran Barbaric Bones 15th Look Here, Look There, Look Everywhere
Cosmo Barbaric Bones 14th A Whole Load of Bull
Landovan Fighting Spirits 13th Brace for the Race
Ron Barbaric Bones 12th Converge at the Merge
Georgia Fighting Spirits 11th The Elephant in the Room
Jackie Barbaric Bones 10th Fools That Duel
Violet Barbaric Bones 9th Match Made in Heaven
Vince Fighting Spirits 8th Were's the Wolf?
Brendan Barbaric Bones 7th
Aubrey Barbaric Bones 6th Tongue Tied and Twisted
Casey Fighting Spirits 5th Are You Smarter Than a 5th Placer?
Greg Fighting Spirits 4th This Means War
China Barbaric Bones 3rd Come So Far, Got One More To Go
Megan Fighting Spirits 2nd Party Under the Stars - Finale
Danny Fighting Spirits 1st


  • This season was the first season of the second series.
  • This is the season with the most people who voted themselves, with three people.

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