A Little About Me

Link to my channel:

Hello, I'm Cove, known as Cove's TDMW on YouTube and previously as just LilycoveCave. I'm a Total Drama YouTuber, as I love everything with Total Drama. It's an amazing series, and it has inspired me to make my own videos like it. I get so involved with these characters and their lives and romances, that it makes me want to experience it. I personally love elimination/ranking, challenge, survivor esque based shows and partner those with being humorous while somehow finding a way to be somehow, somewhat a tad realistic and you get Total Drama. It's just an awesome show. I'd love to chat about it with people. The show makes for great conversations/debates with character relationships, placings, etc!

I make a lot of TD videos, and you can learn all about them on this wikia! Each canon season has been recreated by me but I put my own twists in each and every one of them. I even have created a couple completely original, brand new seasons! I have now completed 12 seasons and they are all on my YT channel!

Note: This is NOT a fan fiction wiki. This is solely for the YouTube fans who want a place to read information about my shows. This is basically for fans! Feel free to comment, speculate, or just talk about any of your favorite series/seasons!

WARNING: There are spoilers.

PLEASE ask me if you want to use my Periculum Falls characters. It'd be much appreciated. Thank you!

Thanks to everybody who has helped/contributed on this site! 

- FBrang, TotalDramaNoahh, Just Ed, Kenneth Sriwong, Lets-Get-Saiko, Wiz-Dan, Prince-of-Punkrock, Mother-of-Trolls

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